BMW assists Visa not only for students but also for dynamic purpose and various types.
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IELTS is basically an English test on speaking, listening, speaking and writing.
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It is an important phase while it comes to abroad study planning of any student.
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Insurance is the most important part when it comes to visa conditions for Australia. If the insurance cover is not made then you are not eligible to apply for visa to Australia. Similarly, there is provision for couple as well as old people regarding insurance cover to Australia.
Mostly for students BUPA provides the facility for OSHC which is mandatory condition for student visa. We assist students so that there would be no further complications regarding the insurance policy and it’s coverage.
So the basic requirements for the insurance would be explained in details and you will be directed regarding the amount, coverage and necessary documents for the no objection from High commission regarding your visa fulfillment.
For more information you can find the BUPA’S link in our useful link section in the website or visit our office for more detailed information.

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